Monday, March 3, 2014


Greetings from Sydney ! Its been awhile since I (red: Bryan) post something on this blog. The last food post is like ages ago if I am not mistaken. Despite the fact that the weather here has been confusing (scorching daytime and thunderstorm during the night), everything is good around here. Not only the people but the food is awesome and don't get start with the scenery. We are used to see tall building around Jakarta, but here is more into quite and peaceful way of living. No car honks here and there, or traffic is rarely happening here. So basically its quite an interesting city to explore (since it has been raining for the past days, I rarely bring my camera out - today is an exception though, the sun is up and about. Perfect day for taking the camera out). I am thinking of getting a new compact camera for traveling companion, any suggestion on which camera should I get for myself ?

St Mary's Cathedral 

Me and my friends went to fish market earlier today and here is what we got :P

Salt and Pepper squid with chips on the side

LGM says hello !