Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcoming the CNY.

Black dress worn as top - Ted Baker
Floral flare skirt - Asos
Feather Print De Manta Clutch - Alexander Mcqueen
Heels - Wittner
Bracelets - Isabel Marant X H&M // Valentino Rockstud

First of all, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate and lets welcome this year of Goat with an open heart and open mind. May this year be a year full of blessing and prosperity not only in things you do but also to your health. Let us have a fun year ahead :) 
Despite the fact I'm in the midst of hectic preparation for family gathering, I set a time to post this up (talking about being dedicated, :P). Anyway, this is not my cny outfit but I took this just 2 nights before so yeah its pretty recent. Rocking this new clutch that My bro brought over from down under, fyi I'm not a small bag type of person (I used to carry big bags just for the sake to put everything in - hahaha). I have a tendency to bring everything and since I am a bit clean-freak, I used to have tissue, wet tissue, and hand sanitiser - MUST HAVE ! So yeah, small bag is not my thing, but believe me this clutch can hold many things and I was quite impressed ! Thinking myself to get another one of this baby in different colour or material of course. What do you think of this simple outfit ideas ?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Manly stars.

I don't know whether you guys noticed or not but I have dyed my hair a lighter shades of brown before I went to Sydney. Somehow for me I like my hair this way, what do you guys think ? In fact, I want it to be a bit lighter, one shade lighter perhaps ? So, I love strolling around the beaches, I love listening to the sound of the waves when it hit the shore and oh how I love the smell of the beach (I literally can spend the entire day just sitting on the beach reading my novels and enjoying my much so needed me time). However, I hate seagull pun intended ! I hate the way they brings out loud noises and don't start with the risk of them poo-ing, why can't they be more friendly like other types of birds... But oh well, let just enjoy the nature :) Despite I heard some of the areas in Jakarta are flooded, I hope everything goes well cos Valentine's day is approaching ! Pray to those who are affected and I hope everything is fine. Do let me know if any of you may need help, I will try my best to help you guys.

Here comes the food galore :))

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mono Croc.

Trench coat - Zara
Sweater - Zara
Monochrome gradient jeans - Rag & Bone
Croc stamp slip on - Topshop
Black shawl - H&M
Handbag - Lady Dior

To be honest, there are actually bunch of outfit photos stacked up in my hard drive and since my new year resolution is to post more things here, then it is the right time to bring it all up. Starting with these; Despite its summer already here in Sydney, these photos were taken back in winter when I went to the infamous three sisters ! It was so cold back then and even though you can see sun light here and there but trust me it was freezing no joke ! Anyway, for those who know me knew that sneakers / slip on is not my thing but when I saw these babies on the rack, I could not help to notice and try them out and it looks alright (I guess) so decided to give it a go. It was quite comfy for a pair of slip on and not as sporty as I thought - well done. Pairing it up with my fav jeans of all time Rag & Bone, what do you think of this look guys ?

Friday, January 9, 2015

New day.

ATTENTION: All photos are taken by Bryan himself, please email us if you want to use the photos for commercial purposes. Any unauthorised use will be prosecuted. 

First of all, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 !!! Let us be grateful of 2014 and cherish every wonderful moments we had, although some may be displeasing but we should thank for all the blessing we had last year. Let us embrace this new year with open arms and hope for the best. Have anyone of you make your new year resolution ? It is actually good to make resolution as it motivate us to thrive and know where we are going. If you know your destination, you know what to do (am i right?). To start with, let us open up our mind to exciting things ahead and who knows you may have the best year ahead. So many plan in my mind at the moment on what to do in 2015 but its good to know that everyone around you support any decision you make. Promise to post more in 2015 :) Cheers